Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre


Completed June 2013

Continuing our work in creating less institutional hospital spaces – this inspiring Cancer Centre in Ballarat combines Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatment bunkers with Consulting Suites, Offices and a Wellness Centre into one calming, naturally lit building.

Designed by Billard Leece Architects the building is a light filled civic centre for Ballarat, and our internal spaces aimed to further a sense of calm and intimacy within. The spaces are light, energetic and enjoyable for staff to work within - while patients feel comfortable that they are getting the most up-to-date, individual care in a beautiful environment.

In the Chemotherapy Day Unit – Sliding door joinery allows privacy or connection between patients while still maintaining a sense of openness and views to the outside daily life of the main street.

In the radiation bunkers – particular care was taken to design a space that would be efficient for staff and yet relaxing for patients. In set up mode – the lights are on and with the joinery doors open, setup for a patient is efficient - with all props on hand and easily visible. In patient mode – all patient props are hidden behind the enclosed joinery and the lights are dimmed to reveal the perforated floral patterning in the timber ceiling – it’s a calm, personal, resting space.

Photography by Shannon McGrath

Shortlisted for the Australian Interior Design Awards 2014