Prentice Street Studio

Co-Operative Workplace

October 2016

What a wonderful workplace is 3 Prentice Street.

In a very happening urban railway district of Brunswick, the owners at Echelon bought a small storage warehouse with the idea of turning it into a co-operative office space for their own 5 person practice Echelon Planning and for likeminded associated businesses - a shared office for a maximum of 20 people.

Referencing site plan drawings of suburban surrounds, we planned the studio with a pitched roof house-like meeting room in the front, square shed-style quiet spaces in the centre, and fenceline clusters of open studio spaces, all with planter divider shelves, to the perimeter.

Working with the ever-resourceful Zotima Builders again – most of the existing timber on site was reused, and salvaged windows and doors demolished from other jobs were all incorporated into the building plans.

Before the construction, the first step was to bag and paint the existing brickwork white – just to show the clients how naturally light this warehouse could be. And boy is it bright.
The concrete floor was ground back and sealed to reveal the most beautiful aggregate. Grinding concrete is a gamble – you never know what you are going to get under an old floor – but they hit the jackpot. It’s stunning.

With industrial tables and dividers designed and made by Zotima, and furniture, plants and artwork selected by our stylish clients - It really was a great team effort by all.

And if your small business is looking to lease some cool studio space with great people – check out 3 Prentice Street Studios.