Re-Gen Withdrawal Centre, Ivanhoe


September 2016

Re-Gen’s purpose is to promote health and reduce alcohol and other drug related harm.   For their Ivanhoe Withdrawal centre, with Billard Leece Partnership, we designed a 4 Bed addition - particularly catering for Mothers and their babies.
At Re-Gen a typical withdrawal stay is 7 days, where clients are provided medical, emotional and pharmacological support to help cease or reduce their drug use. 

In our research, socialization is one of the key ingredients in breaking addictive patterns. So our design sought to create great shared spaces to enjoy playing, feeding, changing - less about the Bedroom and more about the Living Room and Garden.

With an emphasis on nutrition and exercise, the Living Room is casual and inclusive, acoustically treated with natural plywood to walls and raked ceilings.  Soft but hardy carpet tile floors and warm coloured walls provide a robust but gentle background, while coloured plywood panels to play corners, and joinery back panels enliven the space.

The existing facilities also received upgraded finishes and a great new self-catering kitchen with communal table.

We thank Re-Gen for the opportunity to work on this inspiring project and love their work!

Photography by Emily Bartlett